Community Resource Roundup: Quality Content & Activity


While everyone else is posting their vacation photos on social media, let us bask in the learning light of our screens in this week’s roundup.

Get more members of your online community active

For those of you not familiar with the 90-9-1 principle, it basically states that 90 percent of participation in an internet community is by lurkers, 9 percent are contributors, and 1 percent are creators. This article dismantles this principle and urges community owners to get more than 1 percent of their users creating content.

“You should never be obsessed by the number of members your community has. It is the least important metric for measuring the success of an online community. You need activity. You need content.”

How to Make Money Online Through Discussion Boards and Forums

There are many ways you can make money with your forum, from cost-per-action programs to ads. Check out some of these tips and figure out which one works best for your community.

“There are many different ways to monetize an online forum, from posting banner ads and in-text links to doing a product sponsorship complete with individual threads devoted to that sponsored product.”

Motivating people to submit quality content on forums

Getting your members to share their great content starts with you the admin. You should recognize their work, have a clean forum structure, and make sure these contributors maintain a sense of ownership.

“The key is to restore a sense of pride of ownership to people posting content on forums.”

Interview with Patrick O’Keefe, Author of Managing Online Forums

Patrick O’Keefe shares his insight on fostering a sense of community, how admins should handle mistakes, and what small things community managers should be doing on a daily basis.

“Create something that has focus, which gives it meaning and allow yourself to be guided by principles that speak to your focus. If you try to appeal to everyone, you may find yourself left with no one.”

How To Write Engaging Questions for Online Forums

Writing engaging questions is necessary for inspiring quality community discussions. This article is aimed at helping teachers start conversations with their students, but these lessons can also be applied to anyone looking to foster worthy content.

“Ask for a rationale behind the opinion. Often the reasons behind the response are more telling and more useful than the response itself.”