Community Resource Roundup: Open Communities & SEO


In-between watching the summer Olympics, let’s squeeze in some articles with this week’s Community Resource Roundup. Uh…why did that turn green?

How to Use Online Forums

Forums are valuable to businesses because they give customers the opportunity to interact with the company as well as other customers.

“Online forums allow both real and potential customers to interact with you and with each other to discuss your products or services while helping you troubleshoot flaws.”

Your Way or the Community’s Way?

When the community starts moving in a new direction, you have two options to address this situation. You can either allow behavior or restrict behavior.

“If you’re going to allow a new behaviour/topic, you should also encourage it. Create a place/feature within the community for this to happen.”

58 Resources to Help You Learn and Master SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is something all forum owners should understand and apply to their communities. This will help drive you to the top of the search results when people are searching for your particular area of interest.

“In this post, I’ll give you resources you can use to learn about SEO and stay on top of SEO, including some free tools that’ll be useful for fixing any issues.”

Should your online community be open or closed?

Before deciding if your community should be open or closed, you should understand the pros and cons of both.

“In most cases, private online communities operate best when they have a mixture of open and closed spaces.”

3 Keys for Launching a Forum

The early stages of a forum are critical. When you launch, keep these three things at the top of your list.

“The concept of starting small applies to features as well as outreach to new members. The key in both cases is to keep the activity dense: limited features, select community members.”