Community Resource Roundup: Analysis, Moderation and Monetization


This week we’re looking at a handful of articles that go over three important facets of community growth: analysis, moderation and monetization. Mastering these facets is important for any online community leader.

The Skills You Gain From Starting a Community

“If you’re interested in community as a profession, and you’re looking to build your experience, start an online community.”

How To Make Money Building Your Own Online Forum Community

“Starting your own forum can take a lot of work, but it can also be very rewarding. Here’s how you can make money building your own online forum community.”

Three Very Different Ways To Analyse An Online Community

“Instead of trying to get every member super active, you focus on ensuring they make 5 good contributions per month. This changes how you work.”

Starting an Online Forum for Volunteers

“Your goal is to make the online community something that offers essential information.”

Train Now Or Police Later

Furthermore, [chat apps were] not designed for the deep, meaningful conversations that are needed to move […] forward.”