Community Resource Roundup: The People That Make Forums Possible


By their definition, communities are filled with people. Not all of them simply lurk, either — communities of a large size are made possible by the contributions of its most engaged members who step up to moderator the forum or even run it at an administrator level on a volunteer basis. This week we take a look at the challenges of a community manager and how these individuals collaborate to make building a forum community possible.

How to Become a World-Class Community Professional for $0

Online communities are a living, thriving industry. In every industry, there are professionals. This article goes over how to build your skill set to join the illustrious ranks of community professionals.

“With community work, we should not fall into the trap of thinking that it takes money to be great. That’s just not true. Our industry was built by people who dove in, took action and shared their experiences freely.”

The CMX Guide to Getting Started in Community Management

“Today, there are more resources available to community professionals than ever before. We gathered together the resources in this article to set you on a path of success for your future in the community industry.”

What Is Collaboration? Not Communication

If your forum is specifically for collaboration, idle communication should take the backburner.

“You might be talking to your team often, sharing lots of information, giving lots of opinions, […] and not collaborating well at all. This is because communication and collaboration are two very different roles.”

Top Ten Forum Promotion Tactics of 2016

“I have created these top ten forum promotion tactics based on my own success and experience with using them.”