How do I create additional sections (categories and boards) on my forum?

A board is an area within your forum where posts can be made to discuss various topics. Categories allow you to group multiple boards into a single set. For example, let's say you have three different boards for your members to make posts in titled "Baseball," "Basketball," and "Football": You would most likely place these boards in a category called "Talk Sports!" to organize your forum properly.

To create a category, first navigate to your forum's Administration Area. Under the "Categories" section, click on the "Create Category" link. Then, on the next page, you'll be asked for the Category Name, a one-word ID, along with a few other privacy settings. The Category Name is the name that is publicly displayed for this category and, the Category ID should be a one word description for the category. Using the previous example, you might name the category "Talk Sports!" and assign a Category ID of "sports". The additional settings on the page are optional but allow you more control over who can view the boards within the forum category you create.

To create a board within a category, click back to your Administration Area: Next, click on the "Create Board" link found under the Boards heading. On the next page you will be asked to select a category to place this new board under, then hit "Continue". You will now be provided with options to name your board, give it an ID, description, and more. Once you're done configuring your options, click "Create Board" at the bottom to finish!