What are Posting Ranks?

Posting Ranks are an indication of how many posts have been made by a registered member on a forum. As a member makes more posts on a forum, they increase in rank. Ranks are displayed in member profiles throughout the forum.

You can change rank attributes on your forum by visiting your Administration Area and clicking on the "Modify Rankings" link found in the "Manage Members" section. On the next page you will be able to assign a rank name along with the number of posts required to reach each rank level. You can also set the number of stars and the star color that will appear for people who have achieved different ranks.

Rank can also be used to limit which categories members can view. To do this, visit your Administration Area and click on the "Modify Category" link found in the Administration Area, then select a category name that you would like to limit access to. On the next page, you will see an area called "Limit Access." Check the boxes next to the ranks you want to have access to this category. When you are done, click "Modify Category" at the bottom to save your changes.