Let's review how to make a forum. There are basically two ways to create an online discussion forum; the easy way, and the hard way. First, let's look at the easy way, then we'll review the hard way. While this short discussion doesn't cover every imaginable way a discussion forum is created, it will illuminate the steps used in most all forum creation on the web.

The Easy Way

Below are the steps required to create a discussion forum the "easy" way:

  1. Choose a forum name and submit a short setup form
  2. Activate your new forum by clicking the activation link in the email sent to you
  3. Login to your forum and begin customizing

The Hard Way

Here are the steps typically required to create a discussion forum the "hard way":

  1. Register & pay for a domain name at a domain registrar
  2. Pay for a web hosting plan to host your forum
  3. Locate & download suitable forum software (forum software can cost hundreds of dollars)
  4. Locate & download an FTP client to upload the software to your web host
  5. Properly upload the forum software
  6. Install & configure the new forum software on the host server
  7. Create a MySQL database on the host server through the control panel they provide
  8. Login to your forum and begin customizing

Admittedly, steps 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8 are relatively simple. The challenge for most of us comes from steps 5, 6, and 7. If all you want to do is start a forum and invite some friends, do you really want to be forced into creating a MySQL database? Or, have to configure a complex software application on a host server?

Remote Hosting

For those not interested in taking on the technical responsibilities mentioned above, remote forum hosting can offer a much simpler, more reliable and less demanding solution.... for free!

Enter ProBoards. As the most experienced and popular provider of free forums on the Internet, we offer a completely free forum-hosting solution that includes the most advanced discussion forum software available, unlimited freedom to grow your membership, and a support community ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Getting Started

After you've created your new ProBoards forum, refer to the Getting Started Guide for a simple explanation of forum features and setup tasks. Moreover, you can always refer to the detailed Forum Help Guide or post questions on our Support Board for additional guidance. Enjoy!