Pseudo-Random Weather Generator v1.3.6 Beta

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Lets you display an image that changes once a day (or when you want it to change). You can set up how much randomization occurs with weighting.

go into your templates, and create any object with the id="weather". could be a div, span, td, whatever. as long as it has id="weather"

if you are using time based image changes, create images with the same name as your current weather images, with _night appended to end in the same directory. so:


you must have _night images for ALL your images or the code will show a "missing file" image where it would normally show image. if you want a particular image to be same regardless of time, just make 2 images the same, but with different names.

if you opt to use temperatures, all numbers must be in your chosen unit (celsius or fahrenheit). it will display the other in parenthesis. you can also choose to have it fluctuate temp based on time of day, where lows are around mindnight, while highs are around noon, and it scales in between.

Regional Types allow you to setup multiple weather images based on specific places. you can give the places timezone offsets to adjust for their time of day. give each one a unique target identifier that will place it inside an element with id="identifier" on the page. each region can setup weather types for that region based on month, and putting multiple types affects frequency - requiring you set standard frequencies all to 1. each type must use same label as weather type, and separated by commas. Like: Sunny,Sunny,Rainy,Windy

see support thread for more explanation


stars By Admin
October 10, 2014
stars By Lia
September 8, 2014
This is such a cute and simple idea. Wonderful job.
stars By Admin
June 28, 2013
I've been looking all over for something like this! Random, simple, functional, and easy! Don't have to mess around with it much! Thank you c: Great job!
stars By LPSteph
May 13, 2013
Does the job :D great little app!
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