Banner Select From Profile - Repack v1.0.0

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This plugin will allow you to select a banner to display from your profile.

Code originally developed by Peter (@peter3).
A BIG thanks to ̏̂pa̿͒͑śt͊uͬ̂l̏̇e̊̉o̽̒23͋ (@pastuleo) for all the help to get this converted! Thank you!

Warning: Admins (and Staff who can edit plugin settings) should be aware that you should NEVER re-arrange or delete images once you open up the plugin to your Members. Doing either will mess up the indexing of the images and effectively change everyone's current banner image. Get all of your banners into the plugin first.

Once images are added, Members can then select from the list of banners by going to Profile > Edit Profile > Personal (tab) and set the banner.

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August 25, 2016
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