Custom Mini-Profile Creator v1.1.4

By Brian  //  Overall Rating stars 12 Votes
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Build a mini-profile from the ground up and apply it to a member!

Turn on the "Show Help" option in the plugin for installation instructions as well as a list of customization features.

Got any questions/feedback or need support? Visit the official support thread at:


stars By nelmvn
February 10, 2020
December 16, 2019
Great Plugin,Thank You Brian :)
stars By Admin
May 30, 2018
March 2, 2018
Nice :)
stars By Semih
December 28, 2017
<!-- Custom Mini-Profile Plugin Data --> <div class="mp-info-holder" style="display: none;"> <div class="mp-info user">$[user]</div> <div class="mp-info age">$[user.age]</div> <div class="mp-info avatar">$[user.avatar]</div> <div class="mp-info badges">{if $[user.badges_miniprofile]}<div class="$[user.badges_miniprofile_container_class]">{foreach $[user.badges_miniprofile]}$[user.badges_miniprofile.icon]{/foreach}</div>{/if}</div> <div class="mp-info birthday">$[user.birthday]</div> <div class="mp-info color">$[user.color]</div> <div class="mp-info custom_title">$[user.custom_title]</div> <div class="mp-info email">$[]</div> <div class="mp-info gender"> <div class="mp-info image">$[user.gender.image]</div> <div class="mp-info text">$[user.gender.text]</div> </div> <div class="mp-info group"> <div class="mp-info name">$[]</div> <div class="mp-info stars">$[]</div> </div> <div class="mp-info id">$[]</div> <div class="mp-info instant_messenger">{foreach $[user.instant_messenger]}<div class="mp-info $[]">$[user.instant_messenger.value]</div>{/foreach}</div> <div class="mp-info invisible">$[user.invisible]</div> <div class="mp-info ip">$[user.ip]</div> <div class="mp-info is_online">{if $[user.is_online]}Member is Online{/if}</div> <div class="mp-info is_staff">{if $[user.is_staff]}$[user.is_staff]{/if}</div> <div class="mp-info last_online">$[user.last_online]</div> <div class="mp-info likes">$[user.likes]</div> <div class="mp-info location">$[user.location]</div> <div class="mp-info name">$[]</div> <div class="mp-info personal_text">{if $[user.personal_text.message]}$[user.personal_text]{/if}</div> <div class="mp-info posts">$[user.posts]</div> <div class="mp-info rank"> <div class="mp-info name">$[]</div> <div class="mp-info stars">$[user.rank.stars]</div> </div> <div class="mp-info registered_on">$[user.registered_on]</div> <div class="mp-info registered_on_short">$[user.registered_on_short]</div> <div class="mp-info social_network">{foreach $[user.social_network]}<div>$[user.social_network]</div>{/foreach}</div> <div class="mp-info username">$[user.username]</div> <div class="mp-info warning"> <div class="mp-info bar">$[]</div> <div class="mp-info level">$[user.warning.level]</div> </div> {foreach $[user.mini_custom_field]} <div class="mp-info $[user.mini_custom_field.content_class]">$[user.mini_custom_field.value]</div> {/foreach} </div>
stars By AdleyMD
October 16, 2017
Really cool plugin, thank you !
stars By Chelle
August 10, 2017
stars By Dan i3
May 1, 2016
Excellent! Beatiful visual!
stars By Brady
March 30, 2016
stars By Brian
February 4, 2016
Rather than giving my plugin a poor review because you don't have comprehension of the web languages required to use it (which are clearly stated in the plugin and shown in the preview) contact me in the support thread if you don't understand something. You wouldn't give a swimming pool a poor review on the basis that you don't know how to swim.
stars By Admin
January 16, 2016
Its way too hard to understand for me, maybe I'm just stupid, and I'm still learning html and such, but it's too much of a hassle.
August 26, 2015
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