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This plugin allows you to add an image to replace your board description, but let you have the normal text description as well. You can have the description either slide down from below the image, fade in on top of it or just be shown next to a smaller image.

If you are using board template modifications or want to style things please refer to the Support thread.

Support thread:
Copyright Notice:
Includes hoverIntent jQuery plugin by Brian Cherne, available under the MIT license.


October 7, 2017
Examples I have seen look great. I have only used it in select topics and it looks great. May be something that I will adapt to the entire forum over time.
stars By pursang
August 23, 2017
Having all sorts of issues with this plugin since photobucket's new 3rd party garbage, will post something the proboard support forums
September 23, 2016
Awesome thanks
July 6, 2016
December 31, 2015
THIS PLUGIN IS AMAZING! A Must have for any forums with more than a few categories! My forum was a bit difficult to navigate, stuff wasnt hard to find, but you had to look for the Town Of Salem or Minecraft boards. Now with this, Everything is super easy to find! even if you just put the words, 'Town Of Salem General Board' in big letters, that makes it a lot easier to find! A Must have for any forum! 10/10
stars By Emerald
June 21, 2015
Very easy to figure and set up - wonderful plug-in, thank you!
stars By Jasecon
February 19, 2015
stars By gtv22
January 16, 2015
November 13, 2014
August 26, 2014
May 15, 2014
love it. it works great and has decent options too
stars By Ambrose
January 31, 2014
It doesn't work properly for me. I can't get the text directly on the picture, which is what I wanted.
December 23, 2013
I like the image part of the plugin but I am not too fond of it also having to show the description of the board. Since this is not optional i have to watch the description show up period
November 11, 2013
stars By Admin
November 11, 2013
Wonderful plugin! Took me a moment to realize that my host site for images was stopping it from working, but once I switched to photobucket the whole thing worked like a charm! :D Excellent design, easy to use, glad to have it. Thank you!
stars By thomask
October 20, 2013
Great plugin
October 16, 2013
Nice way of introducing further graphics into any Forum to spice it up.
October 7, 2013
June 24, 2013
May 9, 2013
Very nice plugin, makes the forum very colorful and nice to look at. Everyone on mine loves it!
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