Post Backgrounds v0.0.9 Beta

By Todge  //  Overall Rating stars 8 Votes
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Allow your members to have an image or color as a background to their posts.

There should be an extra option in the 'Settings' tab of the profile page (or the 'Staff Options' tab for staff members that can edit others' profiles) that will allow members to set an image and a default text color to their posts.


stars By Admin
July 25, 2023
I wanted this plugin really bad, but I could only get the font color to work. No matter what I tried I couldn't get the background image to work
stars By Admin
October 13, 2020
Works beautifully.
stars By kkira
July 16, 2020
Great plugin, quick support, wonderful++ Thanks so much!
stars By Poppy
January 16, 2020
Adds More Class. Great Plugin. Thanks.
stars By Deneky
October 19, 2016
How can I change the mini-profile color or make it transparent when I add the plugin ? My profile is transparent but when I install this plugin this will change in gray and I don't know how to make it transparent like your.
stars By Admin
September 8, 2016
nagyon jo
July 20, 2016
stars By DanthEx
April 17, 2016
I really like this, but can you please allow us to set it so everyone can use a custom background image and text color? or even certain member-groups? Thanks! PS: This would be a great item to add to the shop, so members could purchase it with X amount of forum coins.
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