Add Image to Mini Profile v1.1.2 Beta

By Ulises  //  Overall Rating stars 13 Votes
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Want an easy way to add mini badges to the corner of a members mini-profile? This plugin is for you!

You can also add pictures based on the group a member is in!


August 21, 2023
This was the exact thing I needed! Now it works!
stars By Someone
May 28, 2023
Doesn't work for me
stars By valgs
July 5, 2022
July 6, 2019
stars By Sau226
May 8, 2018
Excellent plugin. Some features are broken however. Make sure you download the July version manually for the plugin to support edit mode
stars By army83
December 5, 2017
Nothing but the best when rating this plugin!
stars By Katt
September 28, 2017
Its a cool idea, But i keep getting errors in adding more than one image to anything. I can have ONE custom icon to the plug-in. But thats all im using for plug ins, other than the Scavenger hunt one.
stars By MAT
August 28, 2017
May 8, 2017
Gave it a 4 because it does do what I want it to do. Would love it if a user could have more than on one mini-image on their Mini-Profile and also if you could assign the placement of where the the Mini-image would be placed on the Mini-Profile.
stars By Keen
April 6, 2017
Well, I had high hopes for it, but there is virtually no explanation about the plug-in. Does it support only certain file types? I have the same icon I use for my site that I am trying to put on my mini-profile, but nothing shows up. I have a direct link to the image, but nothing happens.
January 7, 2017
December 17, 2016
I was looking for something like this. Fills a need on my forum, myself and members all like it
December 14, 2016
This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!!!! Awesome!
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