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This plugin allows an easy method to add links to your navbar. This differs from using the Navigation tab in your Forum Settings in your Admin panel in that you can add text and background color to each link. Links are appended to your navbar.

Now allows you to specify which Member Group(s) can see and use the link. See the Documentation tab for further information.

Please post support issues in the support thread and not in the library review. Thank you.

Support Thread:


stars By Admin
June 15, 2020
Nice work! Easy to install and use.
stars By Dave
February 11, 2020
Excellent plugin MSG - Good Work
stars By Admin
October 9, 2019
Really useful and thank you. Very much appreciated. Great work.
July 31, 2018
@Radrook - That is due to an incorrect configuration on your part. Please see my reply here:
stars By Radrook
July 26, 2018
It stopped working and requests the addition of things already specified. Then now it seems to work but keeps sending me this message plasered on my competor screen. You must provide a link name for the navbar link. Error at UI Entry: 2 This is IN SPITE the fact that it is displaying a working link at the Nav Bar. -------------------------- Still getting this annoying message that I have to click off repeatedly. ---------------------------------------- You must provide a link name for the navbar link. Error at UI Entry: 2
stars By MSG
December 12, 2017
@Admin (November 27, 2017) - there is a target option for that in the UI settings. If you do not choose a target, it defaults to Self. Select Blank for the link to open in a new tab.
stars By Admin
November 27, 2017
Does as it says on the tin..Excellent... Would like to have the ability to open links in separate tab
stars By zamzam
November 16, 2017
SU # Member
stars By Admin
September 6, 2017
This is a great plugin. Especially after MSG was able to add group selection to it.
stars By Admin
March 28, 2017
wow very good one
stars By spanner
March 10, 2017
Love this, and my forum's members do to; very easy to set-up... thank you!
February 27, 2017
February 24, 2017
Nice Plug, really useful
stars By Tautas
February 24, 2017
Very great plugin, - simple, easy and looks great. It would be nice if link could be opened in new tab.
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