Format Tables v0.0.3 Beta

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After installing the plugin, if you create a table to be posted you should get a new pop-up. Choose the tables' width, the amount of columns and rows it's to have, and the cell padding, then 'Create Table'.

You can then select individual cells, and edit it's styling and contents by clicking 'Cell Options', the contents can have HTML formatting. The options pop-up can be dragged to a more suitable position, where it should remain until you choose to change it.

When finished, 'Submit' it to add the code to your post.

If you are the main Administrator of the forum you also have an 'HTML' option, that will give you the HTML coding of the finished table which you can copy/paste to add to your templates or headers/footers.


stars By Nav
October 24, 2022
Only allows you to select a single cell instead of groups of cells to make styling changes. Buggy as hell and non-intuitive interface. Generates messy, inefficient code.
July 25, 2020
Easy table size, and cell coloring.
January 31, 2020
April 27, 2017
stars By Tiffy
April 21, 2017
Makes tables so much simpler. Very much a point and click method that allows color control and a lot of freedom. Wonderful!
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