Peekaboo Multi Tabs Left v1.0.1

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Peekaboo Multi Tabbed Side Tables Left 1.0.1

Features included:
Optional number of tables. 1,2 or 3.
Open top table on first visit to site.(requires modern browser)
Keep table open on page change.(requires modern browser)
Adjustable height of all 3 tables.
Adjustable width of all 3 tables.
Add HTML or widgets to the content of each table.

You can also add other effects by adding your own CSS


For plugin support, help or suggestions, please go to and remember to tag me. @pebbleleague

Enjoy! :)

Credits: Images provided by RADesign @ Please Re-host them if you are going to use them.


June 1, 2018
9/10 thanks.
October 7, 2017
Has been great until now. Reasonably easy to use and effective The tab image just broke. Replaced with gray box with "NG" lettering at top It appears the photobucket image is lost, damaged or missing. Pasting the tab image address fails to resolve in browser. I replaced the provided box image with custom images hosted elsewhere.
June 1, 2016
I SO love this!
January 30, 2015
Pebble, again Thank You Now it is 100% Perfect. Nice Clean Appearance :)
stars By Pebble
January 29, 2015
@Butch : The new version 1.0.1 has been submitted to fix that bug. :)
stars By Admin
June 25, 2014
When dealing with tables it's important to offer percentages and not just pixel measurements, or you can't design for different monitors
stars By Tigress
April 26, 2014
My only suggestion is that when opened to make it look more...attractive.
October 15, 2013
I liked the Peekaboo Multi Tabbed Right Side Tables plugin so much that I couldn't resist adding the left hand side :P. Been playing around with all the features today and so far no problems what-so-ever. 5 stars for both plugins because they do the job well, I have yet to run into any problems and they look amazing.
September 13, 2013
Both the left and the right sides covered up the forum's content. Peekaboo means opening and closing. Multiple setting changes or adjustments did not prevent my forum's content from being covered up. While posting or reading peekaboo kept opening up or closing.
stars By Admin
July 1, 2013
Thanks! This worked perfect for my purpose. I had a small problem preventing the text from going under or off of the buttons, but otherwise it worked great. Linkage if you want some: (It might not be thoroughly finished yet though.)
stars By lifeon
May 24, 2013
Not bad at all, it isn't too confusing to use and it looks lovely! However there is a small problem that I can't seem to fix, the buttons for the tables themselves cover any text that is at the edge of the table. I believe having some way of setting it so all the content isn't right along the edge of the screen can fix that. I especially like how the buttons themselves look, simple and clean, they match v5 well. Want to see how I used them visit and see :3
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