Post Templates v1.0.1

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Important: The Yooti library is required with this plugin.



Important: In 1.0.1 templates are now linked to the account. Warn your members to copy their templates before updating, as they will not be imported.

This plugin allows your members to create post templates and save them for quick easy access.

Each template created can be assigned an image by the user if needed so they can easily identify what the template is for.

No key is used, all data is stored in the browser locally for the user.

The post templates area can be customised using CSS to get the layout you prefer.


Please report issues on the support forum, not in the review section.



stars By eiry
February 12, 2018
Works great, but I wish that the saved templates had the original spaces so it looked organized. It's fine for people who knows how to read through code, but it can be confusing for code newbies.
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