VDice (Standard Die Edition) v1.1.6

By Virgil Sovereign  //  Overall Rating stars 6 Votes
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Dice simulator for Proboards v5+.

Augments the WYSIWYG and BBCode editors with commands to insert dice that are 'rolled' when a post is submitted. The Standard Die Edition comes packaged with a default set of royalty-free graphics for a standard six-sided die.

Visit the RANGE tab to configure the range of dice being rolled, including options for user-specified ranges.

Visit the GRAPHICS tab to configure graphical options.

Visit the TWEAKS tab to access a range of graphical and behavioural tweaks for the plugin.

Visit the PREVIEWABLE ROLLS tab to configure rolls that can be previewed in the visual mode of the WYSIWYG editor.

For added control over dice styles, appearance, etc., you are also welcome to modify the VDice style sheet. Simply access the plugin build interface (click 'Build Plugin' above) and edit the CSS style sheet found under the COMPONENTS tab.

Full documentation viewable at support.proboards.com/thread/446262/vdice-dice-rolling-proboards-v5

Bug reports can be issued to Virgil Sovereign (user: syonidv) on the Proboards support board.


stars By Adira
October 27, 2021
Wonderful creation! Use it for systems, but also for story writing! Also known as RP, my members roll dice to have random events happen in their threads. It's a great way to keep things fresh and surprising. ♥
stars By Arkrim
June 12, 2017
Very cool concept. Took a lot of work and research to get it to work, but once it was working it works fantastic. Really suggest a better help page though and there needs to be a way to adjust the number display size. Only being able to edit the image size leaves you with small boxes and big numbers that mess up the posts. Aside from that it's useful. Thanks guys!
November 12, 2016
Beautiful little mechanism, easy to use and very clever!
stars By Admin
January 27, 2015
Keep it random without previewing what you roll!
stars By Tintti
September 10, 2014
January 7, 2014
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