Display Name Change Earned v1.1.0 Beta

By Wormopolis  //  Overall Rating stars 6 Votes
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As posters gain new ranks with posting, they are rewarded with the ability to change their Display Name. Once their rewards hit 0, they no longer have ability until they hit a new rank.

Now works in Chrome again


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January 15, 2018
Superb idea, but I can't get it to work either. Setting everything to zero, it should restrict DN changes, but doesn't.
August 1, 2015
post in support thread
stars By Admin
May 20, 2015
I don't know why.....but its not working!
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July 17, 2014
gives a brilliant reward for active members
February 22, 2014
plugin is not done because WHEN you will get that reward how and etc.
December 2, 2013
Doesn't work at all, it always allows members to change their display name, and always says "1 change remaining"
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