Seasonal Falling Images v3.3.8

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This plugin can be used for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter for falling images of your choice, but not limited to seasonal uses like weddings, birthdays, baby showers and so on.

Recommend that image size be no greater than 48x48 pixel and refrain from using animated images, as they are, in most cases, way to large and lags loading time.


1. Image Placement

Choose to have images show on Main or Global pages.

2. Image Speed Settings

Set 20 to whatever (70 is pretty slow), to how fast you want the images to fall. The higher the number, the slower they fall.

3. Image Fall Direction

Set 'falling' direction (1 for down, -1 for up).

4. Image Swaying

Set amount of left/right swaying (default 10) of objects, higher numbers produce more sway.

5. Image Amount

Set number of images to fall (default 6) at once, the smaller the images, the higher this can be.

6. Image Accumulation

Set number of images (default 255) when direction is set at 1 (for down), to accumulate at the bottom of page. Leave blank if you do not want images to accumulate.

Version 3.3.8 Release Plugin (Seasonal Falling Images) - created by aRMY83


November 21, 2016
works as advertised. great for different seasons and simple to use.
August 24, 2016
This is so awesome for seasonal and holiday times on the site. Love how easy it is to use
July 25, 2016
Pretty cool. But I think that there should be a timer of some sort that could stop/start the effect, reason being is for rain/snow effects to happen "Randomly" and stop/start on their own.
stars By Admin
August 23, 2015
This plugin is so much fun. I would rate it five stars if I could choose individual pages so that I could have different images on different pages. Thanks. It is a great plugin!!!
stars By mary
July 10, 2015
February 4, 2015
Nice plugin.
stars By Grub
February 3, 2015
Cool feature!
June 29, 2014
Love this plugin to annoy my members! :) Any chance of random spinning or tumbling?
stars By Admin
June 24, 2014
The option to have things falling "up" is exactly what I wanted and needed. It's perfect!
stars By Admin
April 14, 2014
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