Border around forum plugin v1.0.1 Beta

By Mike  //  Overall Rating stars 4 Votes
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This plugin allows you to have an image or a color in the border around the forum.
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stars By Admin
November 13, 2015
I love this ! I also agree with everything the previous Admin said. Let's face it - everything is dead easy - when you know how, but until that point it's great that some folks are willing to give up their time to lend a helping hand. Also, it seems to me that there is plenty of space allotted for plug ins and once you learn how to do something with coding instead, you can always delete a plug in you no longer need if necessary.
stars By Admin
January 16, 2015
that was a dickhead thing to say, it maybe simplistic to do i agree but seriously you shouldn't be so harsh. it still takes time to create a plug in and for that matter you should speak highly of him for taking the time to create a plug in for members who do not know how to do basic coding, html, css or anything of the sort. I am sure many out there can appreciate this plug in. So if you do not know how to do basic coding or do not have the time to do so this plug in is a great way to go.
June 1, 2014
For the inexperienced user like myself, I would definitely use this plugin since I don't find it easy to add a border around the forum.
May 5, 2014
While this plugin might be useful to inexperienced users, I give it a 3 star rating because it is ridiculously easy to add a border around the forum using the existing template system. In fact, the means to do so is found in the template library on the support forum. Having this feature as a plugin is unnecessary, and it takes up the limited space on forums slotted for plugins without any viable reason.
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