VLogin v1.0.0

By Virgil Sovereign  //  Overall Rating stars 5 Votes
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Encourages or forces registered members to log in.

'Encouraging' consists of periodically prompting registered, logged-out members (RLOMs) to log in. Members may choose to log in (in which case the plugin directs them to Proboards' login gateway) or to stay logged out.

'Forcing' consists of informing RLOMs that they must log in, and then unconditionally redirecting them to the login gateway.

The GENERAL tab in the plugin configuration specifies how the plugin behaves.

The DIALOG tab configures look and feel of the dialog boxes created by the plugin.

The EXCLUSIONS tab allows you to exclude members and/or groups from any plugin actions.

Visit support.proboards.com/thread/520904/vlogin-encourage-force-registered-members for complete plugin documentation.

This plugin is a spiritual successor to the VPester plugin, which is documented at support.proboards.com/thread/447950/vpester-pester-lurkers-register


stars By Hanga
July 2, 2015
April 28, 2015
stars By Admin
December 20, 2014
Who ever reads a forum for hours on end? Having reminders set to hours is pointless. Please change the hours setting to minutes, or page clicks / threads read etc.
stars By Brady
August 28, 2014
stars By Admin
August 16, 2014
Thank you so much for doing this Virgil - awesome mate!
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