Tastefully Teal v0.0.1

By mamagail  //  Overall Rating stars 6 Votes
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A teal colored theme with matching borders, gradients & lt. teal message table.
Black and Teal Print. Easy on the Eyes.

Comes with blank banner Can preview this theme and many others at newmgdesigns.net
Only on post required to download any and all themes. No limit. Many are not provided in the Themes Library here.

We provide all kinds of services including theme installs, siggy, button/banner.

No changes to templates.


stars By arena
June 18, 2020
stars By Lynne
August 21, 2017
Just as the title says: Tasteful. Love it!
stars By Admin
February 10, 2015
its soo verry good themes thanks advance
stars By Asama
May 26, 2014
I like this theme but i would like if the thread posts color would be black and not the real color of theme
stars By Admin
March 8, 2014
stars By Admin
September 15, 2013
Looks great from here.
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