The headers and footers of the forum can be used to place content before and after the forum's regular content.

To edit the headers and footers visit your admin area and select Structure from the menu. On the following menu, select Headers & Footers.

You'll see a list of the forum's different sections. Selecting any section will take you to that section's headers and footers.

  • Global Header & Footer - Anything entered here will display on every page of the forum.
  • Main Header & Footer - Content here will display only on the forum's homepage.
  • Category - Selecting one of your category names will show the headers and footers for every page inside that particular category.
  • Board - Headers and footers added here will only display on the particular board and its sub-boards.

If any of the sections on the list already have headers or footers they'll display a Existing Content icon on the right of the page to indicate they have content inside them. You can click any of these icons to edit the headers and footers for that area.

On the top of the page is another tab called Priority. Clicking it will take you to a page where you can choose the order in which each of your headers and footers displays in the event that two different headers and footers are on the page (for instance, global headers will appear on the same page as any of your other headers). Click and drag each item in this section to change the order in which your headers and footers display.