Welcome to the future of the free online forum. With the official roll-out of ProBoards' revolutionary v5 forum software, online forum aficionados can now enjoy the marriage of an interactive AJAX, Web 2.0 environment with all the functionality of traditional online forums.

Here are some of the great forum features of the new ProBoards v5 software:

A Single Global Login

Gone are the days of having to remember numerous different logins to access all of your favorite forums. With our new global login, you can access all your favorite forums with the same account details. Switching between your accounts is a breeze, and registering on a new forum takes only seconds.

AJAX Driven Search

ProBoards has taken forum search to the next level. ProBoards v5 introduces our new AJAX driven "live-search" tools that bring up search results as you type. We know that being able to sort through free online forum content is key, and our new search system delivers the results you expect in the Web 2.0 world.

Avatar Creator

We know that when you join a forum you don't always have a forum avatar ready to go. We are happy to introduce our new v5 Avatar Maker! This flash-based tool allows you to create a unique, engaging, and fun avatar on any ProBoards free online forum you join.

Integrated Forum Notifications

Our new v5 forum software integrates new notifications into the forum experience. These notifications can tell you when someone quoted you, tagged you in a post, liked a post you made, and much more. This provides a much more engaging experience and encourages forum participation.

Forum Activity Feeds

ProBoards v5 introduces a great new way to stay up to date with your friends. You can easily "follow" other members on the forum to build a customized activity feed for the members you care about. You can also see what an individual member has been up to in their profile's activity tab, such as postings they have made, posts they liked, and much more. Activity feeds help you and your members stay more engaged with your forum.

Strong Privacy Controls

Our privacy controls help you control your forum experience. You can restrict who can see your activity feed, prevent members from following you, block members from sending you messages, hide posts made by specific forum members, and much more.

Integrated Moderation Tools

Integrated into ProBoards v5 are new tools that help your moderator team communicate effectively and efficiently. Forum members can report posts to your moderation team for possible action. Our tools provide your moderators what they need to effectively review, discuss, and take action in a given situation.

Visual Posting Editor

ProBoards v5 integrates an amazing WYSIWYG editor into the posting experience. This posting editor allows you to visually see what your post will look like as you create it.