Individual threads can be relocated into different boards. Posts within threads can also be moved into other threads or be converted into new threads.

To move a thread while you're viewing it, click on the Actions dropdown at the top of the thread. Select Moderate, and then select Move. From this sub-menu, select Entire Thread. In the window that pops up, you can choose which board you want to move the thread to. Select a board from the list.

To move threads while viewing the list of threads in the board you're currently browsing, select the checkbox next to each thread you want to move. Click on the Actions dropdown, select Moderate, and then select Move and Entire Thread. Each thread you selected will be moved to the same place.

There are also two optional functions you can use when moving threads.

  • Leave a "This thread has moved" message — This will leave a copy of the thread behind, with Moved: added to the beginning of the thread's title. All posts will be removed from the copy and be replaced with a message linking to the thread's new location. The original thread will remain intact in its new location.
  • Send a PM to the topic creator — A message will be sent to the inbox of the thread creator with the same details as the "thread has moved" message.

Once you've made your selection, select the Move Thread(s) button to complete the thread movement.

To move the posts from within a thread, select Actions, followed by Moderate and then Move, then select All Posts. This will move every post in that thread into either a new thread or an existing thread, depending on your choice on the following page.

To select specific posts to move from a thread, click on the Post Options icon next to a post, then select the Select Post option from the menu. Select Actions, followed by Moderate and then Move, then select Selected Posts.

The following page will give you the option to move the posts into their own thread or to move them into an existing thread. You'll be prompted to choose where to place the new thread or to choose which thread you want the posts moved into.

Once you've made your selections, select the Move Posts button to complete the post movement.