The File Storage page holds information and statistics about your file memory use on your forum. This is broken down into three separate areas, each with their own area and storage limits.

To monitor how much space you're using on the forum, visit Admin > Settings > File Storage.

Themes -
  • Total Themes:  shows you the current number of themes you have installed on your forum. 
  • Max Per Image:  is the maximum size that a custom (uploaded) image can be.
  • Max Images Per Theme:  is the total number of custom images you can have built in to a theme.

The Manage button will take you to your themes page in the admin panel. The Increase Storage button upgrades the theme storage space for an additional one-time cost. You may have as many themes as your storage space allows, however the max overall size for each theme is 10 MB and can not be changed.

Plugins -
  • Total Plugins:  is the number of plugins you have installed on your forum. 
  • Keys* Being Used:  is the number of keys installed on your forum.
  • Super Keys* Used:  is the number of super keys installed.

The Manage button will take you to the plugins page in the admin panel.  Increase Storage allows you to upgrade any or all of the plugin storage space, keys, and super keys for an additional one-time cost.  The Gift Link button offers a link that you can share with any member of your forum that they may make an upgrade purchase (plugin space, key, or super key) for the forum.
*What are Keys and Super Keys?
Keys are used to store data from a plugin. The type of key required to be used is dependent on the functionality of the plugin.

A regular key can be used for data that's specific to a particular item on the forum. For example, in the Individual Post Subjects plugin a regular key is used to save the subject to that particular post's data.

On the other hand, a super key is for data that needs to be accessible to everyone viewing the content in question. In the Different Avatar Per Theme plugin a super key is used so that everyone is able to see the extra avatars you have linked. If a regular key were used in this plugin only the user who linked those avatars would be able to see them. Other users would not be able to load the key data for that user and would thus not be able to see any of their extra linked avatars.

Attachments -
  • Attachment Plan:  is the current plan you have for your forum.
  • Max Per Attachment:  is the maximum size an attachment can be.
  • Max Files Per Post:  is the number of attachments you can add per a post on the forum.
  • Attachment Bandwidth:  is the amount of downloads that your attachments can receive, measured in megabytes or gigabytes.

The Manage button will take you to a page where you can view your attachments status, modify settings for attachments, and see a listing of all attachments on your forum with the option to delete an individual or all attachments.  The Increase Storage button offers various storage plan upgrades. Please note that this is a recurring monthly subscription and not a one time charge. Increasing your storage will automatically increase the total bandwidth as indicated on the purchase page.
The Settings section allows you to:
  • enable/disable attachments on your forum,
  • customize who can post attachments,
  • change the amount of attachments allowed per a post, and
  • adjust the maximum file size of the attachment if additional storage has been purchased.

The attachment list contains the name of the file, the amount of space that it is currently using, and a link to the post where the attachment is located on the forum. To delete an individual attachment click the "x" at the far right of the attachment that you wish to delete, or to delete multiple files at once, check the box to the left of each attachment and click Delete Selected Attachments to delete all of the selected attachments. This page is also accessible via Admin > Settings > Manage Attachments.

Each individual area (Themes / Plugins / Attachments) has its own page for purchasing additional space if needed. Upgrades to each area are separate. For example purchasing additional theme space does not mean you get more plugin space and vice versa.