The ProBoards vision is simple; deliver the best free forum hosting experience possible. Whether we're contemplating how we might boost the responsiveness of our already outstanding tech-support, or the fact we are able to provide this great free service with extremely minimal message board advertisements, ProBoards' focus is always on improving the user experience.

From the day we hosted our first free forum in early 2000, ProBoards' commitment to a peerless user experience has guided the development of our policies, procedures, software, and philosophies on how we intend to serve our members.

State of the Art

In our opinion, constant infrastructure investment is essential to the delivery of world class, free forum hosting. State of the art scripting, database programming, network storage servers and load balancing technology, all managed by dedicated industry experts, are indispensable in serving the reliable, stable message board hosting our members have come to enjoy.

The Future of Free Forum Hosting

As online social media continues to evolve, global communities will continue to seek more empowering forums to host their discourse. Consequently, it's only natural that message board enthusiasts will also continue to expect more functionality and interactivity from their free forum hosting providers.

To these ends, with the coming release of ProBoards' new V5 forum software, message board enthusiasts should be thrilled by the marriage of the next-generation, interactive AJAX Web 2.0 environment, combined with all the traditional functionality of a feature-rich discussion forum.

Through this dramatic transformation, ProBoards will remain the leader in free forum hosting worldwide. Create your own free forum today, or read more about The Future of Online Forums.