What is a moderator and how do I assign them on my forum?

A moderator is a registered member of your forum that has additional "powers" that you assign. For example, they may be able to lock topics, delete threads, warn members, and much more.

For a member to be assigned as a moderator, they will first need to be placed inside a moderator member group. Each member can be placed into a separate member group and, each member group can be assigned different powers on your forum as mentioned above.

To assign a member into a member group, visit the profile of the member you would like to make a moderator and click the "Modify Profile" link. On the next page, scroll to the bottom until you reach the "Administrative Functions" area. The first option you'll see will be for changing that particular member's member group. In the drop-down box, select the member group you would like him/her to be part of. Lastly, click the "Modify Profile" button to save your changes.

If a member group is assigned "Limited Powers," all members of that group will only have powers on boards they are listed as moderators on. To add a member as a moderator on a specific board, first visit your "Administration Area" then click the "Modify Board" link. On the next page, select the specific board you would like that member to moderate and click "Continue".

Next, look for the "Board Settings" area and you'll find an option for "Moderators." In the text box to the right, type in the username of the member you are elevating to moderator status. Remember that the username you type is their original account name and not their display name. Usernames do not have spaces or capital letters. Once you save your changes, view your forum's homepage and you should see the member listed as a new moderator on the board you've just edited.