'Poke' System v0.1.5 Beta

By Todge  //  Overall Rating stars 12 Votes
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This plugin allows your members to poke, prod, hug, kiss (or whatever other actions you allow) each other.

You can change the color of the poke alert by adding '.poke_message { color:#123456!important; }' to your forum or layout template.


September 2, 2023
stars By Kyritzu
August 13, 2020
Works great! Only issue I have (not sure if it's a bug) is the area that says If I don't want a notification message from being poked to leave the section blank. The problem is, leaving the section blank still gives me a pop-up notification with no message in it. Instead of not having the pop-up appear at all.
stars By bixbite
March 19, 2019
stars By Pradip
April 12, 2018
stars By Admin
September 17, 2016
stars By Admin
February 28, 2016
stars By Petilil
January 29, 2016
Very charming plugin, but it would be nice if there was a way to remove the message that is displayed when someone has poked you, whether it be manually or automatically. It gets a bit annoying after a while and isn't very useful as notification if it is displayed at all times. Other than that, very charming.
stars By Phoenix
August 25, 2015
stars By Grub
August 12, 2015
stars By gtv22
August 12, 2015
Wonderful idea and works great. I love the option to customize the 'pokes'. Members love it, too! Thanks :)
stars By Tiffy
August 4, 2015
Works wonderfully, easy to install, and lots of fun for my members. Immediate excitement from all my members to annoy one another. <3 Thank you again Todge. It's beautiful.
August 4, 2015
Nice work on making this plugin. Works great.
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