First Time 2 v1.3.0

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When a person visits your forum for the first time it'll create a pop up on screen and you can write the text you want it to say.

This is the second one of the original, it has more features for the text, since it's not an alert.

Text color is automatically white.


stars By Heretix
September 18, 2017
Great, except for one detail: In Microsoft Edge, the box opens every time I visit the forum. Just thought you should know. :)
October 6, 2016
A preview options for the size would be nice I will reinstall to try to get it right.
August 23, 2016
Really useful plugin, but as of the current version, theres a bug and no thread for this so, here it is: If you have a long paragraph for the first time, it always is defaulted to be scrolled at the bottom of the popup. Please contact me when it`s fixed. My PM:
stars By icon
July 26, 2016
I like the plugin but it wont stop poping up? Even on my admin account, every action i do it pops up over and over again. Is there a reason for this?
stars By Brady
March 21, 2016
stars By Frogos
March 20, 2016
Umm cool but idk how to use any plugins or themes (if your wondering why i rate it 5 stars cause i might learn how to use it and like it)
stars By rushiv
March 10, 2016
Not bad
February 3, 2016
It's PERFECT!!! Thank you!
January 31, 2016
stars By Admin
January 26, 2016
Good for my newcomers. Ty 4 Making~
stars By Admin
January 3, 2016
stars By Aramis
December 17, 2015
Foro de roll para mayores de 18 años
stars By Admin
December 8, 2015
Simple and effective. However, the information given before installation is sparse and leaves many questions. The text field is very simple and does not allow for line spacing.
November 23, 2015
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