My Checklist v1.0.2

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This will allow you to assign different checklists to users.
Just add <span id="mychecklist"></span> where you want to view it.
If the span is not on the profile page, it will always show your checklist.
You can view other users lists if you place it on the profile page.
Main Admin can check anyone's boxes. No one else will be able to check on other lists.
Shared lists will check on all users boxes.
Multiple Lists on one Page supported.


July 29, 2016
it dont aceptept it
stars By Brady
June 28, 2016
stars By Tiffy
April 30, 2016
Thank you again for making this plugin for me! It's so useful and you did every thing I asked for. It's more then impressive. I'm super excited! Works wonderfully!
April 26, 2016
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