Board Popup v1.0.0

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This plugin will allow you to have a popup show whenever a particular board is clicked on. Keep in mind that the popup will show every time that board is visited.

The popup's height and width can be set in the UI. Please keep in mind that these are the MINIMUM height and width the popup will use. Also please take note of the lower limits defined for each (shown on the Settings tab and displayed where the Default values are displayed).

If multiple boards will use the same message, they can all be included (no need for separate entries for each board). Please note that multiple boards using the same message will also use the same title for the popup, so you may not want to make the title board-specific (unless it's the only board to use that particular popup).

Please do NOT post bugs and / or suggestions in the Review area. Please visit and post in the support thread for those.

Support Thread:


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