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This plugin is a variation of the Board Popup plugin. However, instead of automatically displaying a popup every time a specified board is visited, this plugin will, instead, add a new link to your navbar. This link, when clicked, will then display the popup box.

The popup's minimum height and width are configurable. You can add more than 1 board on the same popup (useful if more than 1 board will have the same popup content displayed). The popup's Title and Content are configurable and the popup's Content allows for HTML.

The appropriate link will only be added to the navbar when visiting a board that calls for one (as set in the UI). If on a board that's not listed in the UI to have a popup link, no link will be added.

If you find any bugs and / or have suggestions, please post them in the Support Thread and not in the Review area in the Library.

Support Thread:


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