Custimizable Container Above News v1.0.3

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This adds a custimizable container above your News (If there is no news, it will be above the first category).
The container can be changed it any way (rectangle, circle, border styles, and more). It's meant for forum announcements, but it can be used for anything - even a roleplay forum.

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stars By Tom Box
September 5, 2017
stars By ValSG
August 7, 2017
Very happy with this. As stated, simple to use and does exactly what was wanted. [now I just have to work on homework of learning some HTML so I can do all the extra fun stuff in it. ^_^ ] aaay👍😎 [the Fonz]
stars By Admin
August 7, 2017
Really simple to use and just what I was looking for in my forum! Thank you so much!
stars By Brian
July 28, 2017
Looks excellent and works so easily without needing to go through any of the trouble to find where to place it in the code. Thank you for making it so easy!!
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