MCQ Lock v0.9.0 Beta

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This plugin locks threads that can be unlocked by successfully answering multiple-choice questions.

- Each thread can have its own set of questions (number of questions only limited by storage).
- Each question can have 4 options.
- Every question can have only 1 correct option.
- Can add hints to every question.
- Can add comments to be displayed when an incorrect option is submitted.
- Once all questions linked to the thread are answered correctly, the thread will be unlocked (A private user key is used to keep track of user's unlocked threads).

How to Use:
- Firstly, set the key permissions to Members & Staff for both read and write.
- Then, you can begin adding MCQs.


stars By Brady
November 2, 2018
Awesome idea, awesome plugin!
December 6, 2017
This is such a fab idea and works really well at getting the excitement up on the forum. I've even awarded people that manage to get through the quiz onto the thread with a specialised trophy. I've given 4 stars because, if you get the answers wrong and put them in right, you have to refresh the whole page in order to find out if you managed to get through to the thread or not. It would help if after submitting the questions, it could give you a chance to answer them again (while refreshing the page). If that makes sense? It would be good to add an opportunity for the admin to only give people a certain number of chances to get through to the thread and also to be able to see who has actually managed to pass without them having to post.
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