Scavenger Hunt v0.2.1 Beta

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This plugin hides collectable items around your forum!


stars By Admin
January 7, 2019
super cute and fun. love it!!!! <3
stars By MSG
November 10, 2018
@MammothEquine71 - The issue is most likely with the theme being too modified. In other words, the theme creator most likely removed the PB default classes, making it so the plugin can't find the classes it needs to work. This would not be an issue with the plugin itself.
October 10, 2018
Our community has used the previous verison of this plugin before and absolutely adored it. This year we were hoping to bring it back for Halloween however I hate to report it doesn't work on the theme 'Cityscapes' which is our default therefore we're unable to use it right now.
September 13, 2018
stars By Admin
April 8, 2018
fun! Forum loves it and I love how it can be modified to fit forum themes
January 4, 2018
my members love this little game :)
stars By Admin
November 3, 2017
This is awesome!
stars By m2marsh
November 1, 2017
My members just adore this game. And the newest version updated by MSG just makes things even easier with a UI to change some of the variables. LOVE IT!
stars By Tater
October 29, 2017
Very fun! Thank you!
stars By Admin
October 19, 2017
Amazing plugin, me and my users love it.
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