Peekaboo Multi Tab Right v1.0.1

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Peekaboo Multi Tabbed Side Tables Right 1.0.1
(the left or right version will be there depending on what I'm doing at that moment, but they are the same, just different sides!)

Features included:
Optional number of tables. 1,2 or 3.
Open top table on first visit to site.(requires modern browser)
Keep table open on page change.(requires modern browser)
Adjustable height of all 3 tables.
Adjustable width of all 3 tables.
Add HTML or widgets to the content of each table.

You can also add other effects by adding your own CSS


For plugin support please go to or leave a comment in the relevant thread on the test site and remember to tag me. @pebbleleague

The images supplied are made by RADesign please re-host them or use your own. Thank you.

Pebble :)


stars By Cilalic
June 29, 2014
good but it won't stay open. :(
stars By Admin
February 13, 2014
excellent plugin and so easy to customise!
stars By Admin
December 14, 2013
October 15, 2013
I was originally looking up side bars or strips to put information down the side of my forum. But these do the job just as well and look MUCH neater and professional. Great plugin Pebble.
September 13, 2013
Peekaboo means opening and closing.Multiple setting changes or adjustments did not prevent my forum's content from being covered up. Both the left and right sides opened or closed while content was being posted or read.
stars By Pebble
September 10, 2013
@womenonly - if you have a problem with the plugin then please create a thread at or and remember to tag me @pebbleleague. Just putting 1 star helps nobody.
August 12, 2013
This will prove to be a very useful plugin, the simplicity of design still reflects your hard work, thank you for making this.
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