Thread Title Limit v1.0.0 Beta

By Pebble  //  Overall Rating stars 6 Votes
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This simple and small plugin limits the number of characters a user can input for a thread title.
Handy if you have a skinny/slim site or head image design requires less than 60 characters.
Just set the limit and enable the plugin and you're good to go.
The standard limit is 60 characters so you can set it to anything less than that. This plugin will NOT make the limit larger than 60 characters.


For support or suggestions please create a thread @ or and remember to tag me @pebbleleague

Pebble :)


stars By Brady
April 9, 2018
Simple and extremely effective. This helps me so much with my custom theme because it really broke my thread list format to have 60 character titles!
stars By Misery
May 16, 2015
stars By Pebble
August 3, 2014
Works great...... 1 star ?
June 7, 2014
Works Great Is there anyway to add a short message when limit is reached?
stars By army83
July 24, 2013
Nice plugin!
July 7, 2013
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