OP replies v1.0.1 Beta

By Wormopolis  //  Overall Rating stars 8 Votes
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Make a board where only the Original Poster (and optional staff) can make replies on threads

support thread:


stars By Admin
November 14, 2017
stars By Mimic
November 29, 2015
stars By gtv22
April 8, 2015
stars By Mark
March 2, 2014
Forever alone~
stars By Misaka
January 12, 2014
August 26, 2013
stars By Tim
July 13, 2013
Installed, and working properly...THANK YOU! edit - It appears as though Mods/Admin can no longer edit posts, where this plugin is utilized on a board.
stars By Gackt
June 23, 2013
Perfect, thank you! This was just what I needed to set the permissions easily and correctly for the journals/blogs section on my form.
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