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Do you often tag yourself in a post? Make it easy with this plugin! It allows you to specify a word to replace, then whenever you use that word prefaced with a /, it will be replaced with an @tag of yourself when you post.

1. My username on the forum is 'pb_user'.
2. I specify to use the word 'me' on the settings tab.
3. I submit a post with '/me' in it.
4. The post will have the '/me' replaced with '@pb_user'.


December 23, 2013
Great plugin! Good for roleplay too!
September 4, 2013
Works as stated, but would love to see it work in the Shoutbox by replacing shouter's name so that it only appears once. Had to remove as it over rode bbcode for some posters while in preview mode
July 4, 2013
Works nicely. However, when /me-ing in the Shoutbox, it simply replaces the /me with their name, and doesn't incorporate the original nametag, so you end up with the user's name displaying twice in a row (once as the nametag, and then again as the /me replacement). Is there any way you could possibly make it so doing a /me in the shoutbox incorporates the original nametag rather than adding a new one?
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