Classic ProBoards Menu v2.0.6

By Brian  //  Overall Rating stars 15 Votes
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Allows you to use images as your menu buttons as well as restyling the layout of the standard menu.

Support for this plugin can be found in the following thread on ProBoards Support:


stars By Nyxira
November 7, 2021
Super helpful plugin, I love it!
stars By Admin
March 22, 2018
June 9, 2015
stars By L&D
January 27, 2015
stars By Admin
November 23, 2014
September 2, 2014
July 22, 2014
Amazing Work, I loved it <3
stars By Peter
June 19, 2014
March 1, 2014
Awesome, I missed the v4.5!!!! Thx for making this plugin????
stars By Admin
January 23, 2014
Amazing! First review-and I've used a ton of plugins. Got this to easily space my nav bar buttons and center everything. Incredible.
stars By Admin
January 10, 2014
stars By Brian
January 9, 2014
Updated to 2.0.2. This should fix the menu disappearing immediately upon installation of the plugin. Notification bubbles disappearing should no longer be a problem if you specify a font size for your menu in the Theme Menu Settings tab.
stars By KB
November 24, 2013
stars By Admin
October 13, 2013
stars By Admin
October 10, 2013
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