Dislike System v1.0.1

By shortyverrett94  //  Overall Rating stars 8 Votes
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This plugin adds a dislike button along side the like button. Place the following CSS in your forums CSS by going to Admin Panel > Themes > Advanced Styles & CSS > Style Sheet and paste the CSS at the bottom. This CSS will give the dislike button an 'active' look when you have a post disliked.

.disliked.dislikes-button { color: @buttons_active_text_color; font: @buttons_active_text_font; text-decoration: @buttons_active_text_decoration; background: @buttons_active_background; border: @buttons_active_border; }

If you would like the companion plugin for this (will keep track of how any dislikes a person receives) here's the link proboards.com/library/plugins/item/536


stars By Bai
February 17, 2018
stars By Misery
May 16, 2015
hahaha nice! this is democracy, gratz!
stars By Lynne
April 18, 2015
I love this. I know just the member that I will be using this on a lot. Thank you so much for this.
July 17, 2014
nice ty :D
stars By Admin
March 7, 2014
January 30, 2014
stars By Admin
January 30, 2014
stars By Axew13
January 10, 2014
It seems to take a little long to load the icons sometimes when this plug-in is installed (regardless of whether there is a custom image or not). But pretty good, I like it. :D
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