Individual Post Subjects v1.0.2

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Allows users to specify a subject when adding a reply to a thread. Any posts without a subject specified will default to "Re: (Thread Subject)" where the text in parenthesis will be the subject of the thread you're viewing.

If you want to choose where the subject goes you can place the following code anywhere in the post template's HTML in Themes > Layout Templates > Thread > Post List:

<span class="p-subject"></span>

Uses one post key.

Support thread:


February 2, 2023
stars By NanDee
March 16, 2019
stars By
February 13, 2019
Love this plugin. Easier to navigate when we see the topic above the post.
stars By deeky
February 5, 2018
stars By Admin
December 23, 2017
Works perfectly for what it's meant for, would suggest this to anyone looking to have a neater looking forum.
February 12, 2017
Love this plugin! Works very well. My members enjoy being able to change the subject line, be it for fun or because the thread's focus is switching to something else. We're not strict about staying on topic, so this plugin makes it easy to identify what is currently being discussed.
stars By Name
April 5, 2015
stars By Admin
July 31, 2014
January 31, 2014
I forgot how nice this feature is to have on a forum, especially when it comes to have a multi-post thread containing information. Now everything can have its own title. Awesome, and thank you, Brian!
stars By Brian
January 30, 2014
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