Thread Reply Limit v0.0.1 Beta

By Todge  //  Overall Rating stars 4 Votes
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This will add an option into the thread creation page allowing the thread creator to limit replies in said thread to a single reply per member.


stars By Aaeiyn
February 17, 2020
Rating this 3-Stars 'cause I wish you can enable this through Edit, as well. Instead of just through Thread Creation.
January 30, 2016
That's a quite nice plugin. I would love it more if you could limit replies on posts that are posted in specific board defined on the plugin settings. :)
stars By Brady
May 29, 2014
February 6, 2014
Sup Todge, nice plugin. 8-) I think I noticed a bug, though - when you have the settings configured to only allow staff to limit replies in threads, only other staff members are unable to reply. I was able to continuously post as a non-staff member in the limited thread, until I set it to "Everyone" and then it started working well.
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