Whisper Tags v0.2.5 Beta

By Todge  //  Overall Rating stars 14 Votes
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Add [whisper] tags to your forum.

A posted whisper can only be seen by the member(s) that you choose, be aware though that any staff member with the ability to edit posts can also see the whispers if they choose do do so.

With version 0.2.0 and above, NEW whispers are now encrypted at the posting level, stopping those nosey members from from seeing other members' whispers.


August 17, 2020
April 29, 2020
Has a compatibility problem that causes errors when you create a post.
stars By Admin
March 17, 2019
stars By Admin
February 4, 2019
Doesn't work at all
stars By Keen
April 7, 2017
Perfect! No issues!
stars By Todge
September 9, 2016
Game Maker is incorrect. Encryption is added at the point of posting, so any whispers posted AFTER version 0.2.0 or above is installed will be encrypted in the source code, unless you are the intended recipient.
stars By Admin
May 21, 2016
January 12, 2016
Love this function for my forum. However there are still ways for people to see the hidden whispers. If you check the page source code you can see them. And if you quote a post with a whisper sometimes the hidden text will be visible.
stars By Ashley
July 24, 2015
Great addition! Thank you!
stars By Hanga
July 2, 2015
stars By Admin
March 17, 2014
Awesome idea and it works well! I can't think of any complaints.
stars By Brady
March 15, 2014
Good job figuring out a way to get this to work on mobile, a very useful plugin I missed from V4!
stars By Mark
March 2, 2014
stars By Simen
March 2, 2014
Really helped me :D
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