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This is an official module for the Monetary System.

To be able to use this plugin, you will need the following 2 plugins installed and placed in the order they are listed above this plugin.

Monetary System:

Try it out here:


stars By Peter
July 11, 2017
@Brian Hamilton Where does it say support is discontinued? A lot of the problems you people get is due to theme / layout changes that are out of my control. Go test it all on a vanilla forum and tell me it doesn't work.
June 9, 2017
The shop doesn't appear ;-;
stars By Brian
June 4, 2017
Would be good if it wasn't so faulty. I realise that a review is not the place to ask for support and I am not in any way attempting to do so, however, after following step-by-step all of the steps in the ProBoards Support thread created by Peter, the developer, and ensuring that Yootil, Monetary System and Monetary Shop are all up-to-date and listed in the correct order, the shop still refuses to appear. This has been frustrating me for far too long now and what's even worse is that Peter, the developer, has discontinued support for it even though it is a very popular plugin.
March 26, 2017
The only thing this plugin is "missing", is an automatic notification of some sort that lets members know they have a gift or a trade waiting for their review.
November 22, 2016
Absolutely phenomenal!
stars By Admin
October 17, 2016
I have no idea how to get to this from the forum as a regular user - and how are you supposed to buy items???
stars By Ted
June 17, 2016
A wonderful plugin with loads of customization.
May 15, 2016
5 Stars works great. I would love if you could make an item "Useable" So there would be an option to "Use" it and it would be removed from their inventory. That would be great. I have been having my forum members just sell back items that have been used but a use feature that can be turned on and off would be great. For example a Potion would have 1 use then it would disappear ;)
stars By will
May 3, 2016
Great, simply great!
March 13, 2016
Good for rpgs instead of tedious point systems
stars By Admin
January 2, 2016
I love this, I just wish that it was possible to make it so that certain items were only available to specific groups. Otherwise, this is amazing!
stars By Gwen
December 28, 2015
Love what you've already got. Things I'd like to see added: Duplicate Item feature for quicker input. Option to make only the Random Items list visible in the ?monetaryshop interface while buying. Glitch Report: Having the shop open on one tab and the profile open on another, refunding items glitches. In this case, after refunding an item, a simple refresh of the profile tab puts the item back, allowing additional refunds for the Same Item.
December 22, 2015
I made a purchase and it doesn't even show on my account that I made the purchase.... and last time I had bought a color name it had showed up on my staff account but it doesn't show up now.
stars By Admin
December 10, 2015
I can't get the plugin to show on my boards :(
stars By Bluefur
August 25, 2015
It works perfectly now!
June 8, 2015
For me, I'd like to rate it 5 stars but I can't try it out due to a lack of superkeys. Could you make it so that it does not have to take up 3 superkeys?
stars By Tiffy
May 27, 2015
Amazing plugin. Interactive, easy to use, with a bunch of features and options choices that makes this beyond fantastic! It's worth purchasing the extra super key space if you have no more room on your forum for this one.
stars By Admin
February 1, 2015
I really love this, but it still needs a lot of work. It'd be great if sorting the items were a bit easier, and if we could choose which items we'd like shown in our mini-profiles. Also it'd be nice if we could have 'limited edition' items, so a limited amount that can be sold. When gifting, it'd be great if we could have the option to buy in the shop as a direct gift (i.e, a 'gift' option in-store where, at the checkout, you can enter someone's username to gift the selected items). Otherwise, pretty user-friendly.
stars By Admin
January 30, 2015
Not working, I can't see any items in the shop.
stars By Ovan
January 11, 2015
December 26, 2014
The long awaited shop has been released! And the forum admins bow down to Peter's greatness and generosity. Seriously, though, the plugin is top notch, even at first release. The features Peter has planned for future releases makes it all the better!
stars By Heretix
December 23, 2014
Fantastic tool to activate forum members and keep their interest!
stars By Mike
December 4, 2014
Currently you can not take away one item out of a stack of many, which is problematic if you want to use stacks. The gifting system looks sort of awkward, and it would be better if I could simply just give an item to one of my players without them having to accept it. Promising plug in, but won't be running with it until it is a little more functional in these regards.
stars By 1234
November 23, 2014
stars By Admin
November 1, 2014
It's a bit much with two super keys if you use one on the monetary system by itself then the last free one for the shop too. I want to see trading possible, limited/one time purchase options, etc. before I decide wither or not to install it for my own boards. Keep up the good work!
stars By CRAZY
October 11, 2014
Awesome plugin!
stars By Admin
October 4, 2014
October 3, 2014
I LOVE this plugin! Its the best plugin on my forum right now. Enabling trading will get the fifth star, since its mentioned a lot, but isn't currently working.
stars By Lia
September 8, 2014
Absolutely fantastic plugin! I hope you continue to update it and make it even better.
stars By Admin
September 2, 2014
stars By ysth
August 28, 2014
Awesome plugin; just needs a way to Refund for current price (instead of price paid) to be usable in more cases
stars By Akasha
July 30, 2014
It was worth the wait, couldn't ask for a better shop since it is always updated and has new features added constantly. Hope to see it's companion plugin soon for expanding the items!
July 23, 2014
Its awesome! Can't wait for trading :D
stars By kiba
July 15, 2014
This Plugin goes beyond what it 'needed' to. Tiny features that most would never have thought of make it truly one of the best shop plugins out there.
stars By Mark
July 14, 2014
stars By Zig
July 8, 2014
awesome plug in,very easy to set up/use!
stars By Admin
July 8, 2014
stars By tony
July 2, 2014
One of the best looking plug-ins from the moment the members see it to the point they are using it to buy items on the forum. Ease of use on the back end to set up and customize make this plug-in feel like it was built to be a feature.
July 1, 2014
July 1, 2014
stars By ww
June 26, 2014
Really great, love it
June 26, 2014
Amazing plugin! Amazing coder. Thanks a lot! You're a life saviour.
stars By brena
June 25, 2014
This plugin is going to take rpging to the next level, it is handy and just what we've all been waiting for! Thank you Peter!
stars By Robin
June 25, 2014
Amazing plugin done by an amazing coder! This is just so great and I can't wait to see how it develops!
June 25, 2014
All of Peter's scripts/plugins are beyond compare, and each of them are unique and enhance the base PB software to the point that I'd think they should be part of the base software. This specific plugin has been long awaited and I am enjoying it and the upcoming modifications.
stars By Rascal
June 23, 2014
I wanted a shop that kept the item descriptions visible without having to go to a new page (my wish came true!), plus the layout for managing the items and settings in the plugin is very easy to work with. I absolutely love this plugin and get excited with each new update!
stars By .ruka.
June 19, 2014
stars By Mr. Doe
June 17, 2014
With my negative values allowed in the Monetary System I can now use this great shop at last, 5 Stars dude, thanks so much for all your hard work :)
June 17, 2014
Brilliant! Its from Peter so no surprise there!
June 13, 2014
June 13, 2014
Looks awesome! easy to use!
stars By Eli
June 12, 2014
June 12, 2014
June 12, 2014
I think I speak for a good many forums when I say this is AMAZING.
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