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So what does this plugin do? This plugin allows you to use put an element anywhere on the site, with a specified ID (see below), and input your settings for Of the Months. These can be random where it will display 1 randomly selected of the month option - with the titles which you can also choose - or static where it will display all the members of the month set up. This can be placed in a sidebar, in a header, or anywhere else.

Placeable anywhere with any element given id "OTM" ( id="OTM" ) with an option between random from a list of characters and their image images or static display
Coded by Hawkeye of PBS, with much help from Wormo and Eton Bones when I got stuck. The original idea comes from Shakiah of Proboards Support


stars By Admin
February 26, 2020
not sure where im supposed to put the ID=OTM code?
stars By Robin
August 19, 2014
Unfortunately cannot assist, however if one checks on the support forum they will find I have a support thread FOR such questions.
July 29, 2014
Description needs to be a little more in depth. Cant tell if the code goes in the HTML or CSS, and havent been able to place the OTM box anywhere in my forum
stars By Stern
July 5, 2014
July 4, 2014
Excellent plug in and great to give honor and credit to a member who has been outstanding...I give it ***** I recommend this to everyone...
July 2, 2014
Great work by Hawkeye for the patience and willing-ness to create such a handy plug-in! And kudos to both Hawkeye and Todge for helping out getting it set up! Fantastic Plug-in!
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