Floating Social Sidebar v1.1.1

By Peter  //  Overall Rating stars 18 Votes
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Was done as a request, but thought it may be useful for others.

Adds a static sidebar to your forum where you can add links. Contains settings to tweak the side bar.

Can use a {user_id} variable in the URL if you want to create links to member pages. If there is no user id, then it simply will not show for guests.


stars By Admin
July 13, 2018
Works great as I used it alternatively to a side menu to match my main site.
February 9, 2018
stars By Admin
February 6, 2018
stars By Peter
January 9, 2017
@user (December 4, 2016), You can alter that with CSS on your end, the plugin could have options to make it simple, but for now, use some simple CSS to change the location of it.
December 4, 2016
Very very good, i just think that would be nice to choose about right or left corner of the screen to put the social bar. Some themes have the nav bar by the right side so its complicated having both
June 21, 2016
May 28, 2016
great plugin, tks!
May 28, 2015
just tried it out, works great, thanks
stars By Misery
May 16, 2015
October 5, 2014
Thank you for this plug in, as SciFiKriss said, would be nice for the web pages to open in a new window, i tried to add <a href=....to the link in settings but still opens in the same window. Still very good though :)
September 25, 2014
Brilliant! but it might be nice that when you click on the symbol it opens in a new window... :) Really needs a thread in the support forum too. :)
stars By Admin
September 18, 2014
Fab..i love it! It does its job and isnt complicated..thankyou :-)
stars By Admin
September 14, 2014
Just installed it. I looks/works great!
stars By Admin
September 5, 2014
its great! would love an option to set target to blank on clicks though vs the current tab
September 1, 2014
Neat plugin for all your social media icons and links
stars By Admin
July 11, 2014
OMG love it it totally works this could really come in handy since lots of my members in my forum have social websites and stuff
stars By Robin
July 11, 2014
Really love this plugin as some people know!
July 10, 2014
Nice idea that works well, but could you possibly look into including a couple of additional features in future updates? A Left or Right justification setting might be handy, and the ability to set target to 'blank' on URLs. Otherwise this is a great little plugin, nice work, mate. Many thanks! *Edit* Thanks for adding the left or right options, brilliant plugin
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