True "Next-Gen" Message Board Software ready for Unveiling, says CEO

As free forum hosting veteran ProBoards moves closer to the global release of its greatest achievement, by far the most interactive and powerful discussion forum software ever created, CEO Patrick Clinger has announced he'll be opening the doors early to allow public testing of the new ProBoards V5 platform by visiting the ProBoards "BetaZone" test site.

BetaZone will offer the internet community a look at how the next generation of online social communities will function and allow them to experience the first significant evolution in message board software in many years. By visiting, guests can create a brand new test forum or launch a copy of their existing ProBoards forum.

With this milestone in forum software development, social networking enthusiasts should be thrilled by the fusion of a highly interactive Web 2.0 environment with all the functionality of a traditional, feature-rich discussion forum. Through this dramatic transformation, ProBoards Version 5 will usher the staid message board into the 21st century.

The focus of the new V5 platform is to bring people closer together, drive more meaningful engagement, and simplify the overall user experience. Using multiple advanced technologies, ProBoards V5 is the integration of online forums and Web 2.0 at their highest levels. With the plentiful inclusion of cutting-edge advances in web technology, interactivity is now the operative word.

Gone are the days wondering whether or not someone interacted with content you posted on a forum. In ProBoards V5, members can receive alerts when others have "liked," "tagged," or "quoted" them. Moreover, using V5's activity feeds, users can follow friends, see which topics they've participated in, read posts they "liked" and much more. This keeps them connected, updated, and in the loop on interesting forum discussions as they develop.

Scheduled for an end-of-year release, ProBoards Version 5 promises to top all previous accomplishments in the history of forum software development and awe enthusiasts with it's bounty of advanced features. While seasoned online community hosts typically make small, incremental improvements to their offerings, ProBoards has decidedly raised the bar by authoring a prodigious evolution in forum technology.

Forum enthusiast's, blog junkies, and social media aficionado's are all invited to create a new ProBoards V5 BetaZone forum in advance of the official release. To experiment with the greatest advancement in the world of online discussion forums, simply navigate to ProBoards BetaZone at, create a new BetaZone forum and take our next generation of message board technology for a test drive. Your concept of discussion forums will never be the same again!

With 22 million registered users participating in over 3.5 million discussion forums, ProBoards is the largest host of free forums on the Internet. For over 12 years, ProBoards has supported a global community of discussion groups whose variety of interests boggle the imagination. ProBoards is committed to a flawless forum experience where users can build communities of unlimited size and membership, personalize forums with an abundance of customization options, share on the go with smart-phone apps, and much more.